DYN15 Large Player Advertising Mirror


Made in United StatesUnited States

The DYN 15 is our latest advertising mirror. The over all size is our standard 19.5" by 16.5" the player is a HD 15" display. The player is capable of "still" photos, Video and Music. The content is loaded by the end user and kept in a 2GB memory on the back of the mirror. The display is capable of holding 1000 Still images or 45 minutes of video. The customer logo is back lit spot color image. The mirror comes in Black or Brown wood frame. The minimum for this product is ONLY ONE !



All dimensions are in inches

Item Pricing 

Price Code R. 

Print Specification

Standard image size (all models) 6.5” x 5.5”

Extended image size (all models) 10.0” x 7.5” (upcharge of $8.00)

Lead Time

Orders up to 25 units - 35 days

Orders 26 - 100 - 45 days

Orders 101- 500 - 65 days

Orders over 500 - 90 days

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