• We turned a promotional mirror into advertising space
  • Patented Mirror Spirit Standard
  • Promotional Mirror as Advertising Space

Promotional Backlit Mirrors from Mirror Spirit


Mirror Spirit Standard

Mirror Spirit Dynamic Mirrors

Mirror Spirit Dynamic A/V

Our Patented Mirror Spirit Standard features a Backlit mirror and Logo. Your brand will stand out any time of the day or night.

The Patented Mirror Spirit Dynamic adds a 7" display that rotates still images. These images are stored in a USB drive (included) and are user programmable. 

A Dynamic Mirror that is video and audio capable! Show product ads, explain product features and benefits, and detail special sales campaigns.


Welcome Promotional Product Distributors!

Offer your customers this unique and patented promotional item.

Mirror Spirit is a framed mirror with an embedded image and text, both of which are backlit to produce a great display any time of day or night. Your customer's image and message will stand out and be noticed.

Contact us today and get a virtual or a sample. We ONLY sell our promotional mirrors to distributors.



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